Shmuel Gershon

About Me
I am Shmuel Gershon, a Testing Engineer at Intel Corporation, working as what they call a technical leader. My team works with cutting edge technology of the kind that goes inside your laptop -- we mostly deal with embedded software (also called firmware).
I am married and have 6 kids, they are all cuter than other kids you've seen (of course).

I am trying to learn enough to be able to understand (yet not always answer) software philosophical question them.
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Please don't be shy of contacting me in any form you like (see sidebar for options...).

What I can offer

  1. Testers from over the world and I engage in conversation regarding how to organize tests, how to work with teams and about the tools to use in day to day. Most of these conversations happen on email (sometimes it takes me long to reply, sorry!).
  2. There are many tools you can find on my site, the most popular is Rapid Reporter.
  3. If you are looking for someone to dry-run a presentation, I'll be glad to help.
  4. I am not an independent paid consultant at this moment, so my tools and my help are all offered free of charge.

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